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Cuckoo Water Purifier – Natural like Nature with No water wastage

We all know that reverse osmosis water purifiers, while doing their job, waste a lot of water. And wasting water on a daily basis in the name of purification is a crime. In fact, many RO water purifiers waste as much as 3 litres of water to purify 1 litre of water! This blasphemy can be easily avoided. How? By some of our actions.

Cuckoo a popular home appliance brand also has a ready answer. The Korean giant Cuckoo has come up with one of a kind water purifiers that can reduce the water wastage to absolute ZERO. Cuckoo water purifiers are designed to produce safe & pure water that meets the drinking water standards set by the World Health Organization. Cuckoo products are sold in more than 30 countries.

Cuckoo has been able to achieve this by using a next-generation filtration system that is “Nano Filteration System.” The benefit of this is quite evident as we can get clean drinking water without wasting any. And the benefits don’t stop there.Cuckoo water purifiers add minerals that make water mild alkaline. The mineralization of water is done by fusing it with minerals like Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium. What this does is, it balances the pH value of water and makes it mildly alkaline. The water purifiers can remove contaminants and impurities, using an absorption method that enhances the taste of water.

Having a water purifier with Zero water wastage may seem like a small step in tackling the larger problem, but it is with such small steps, that a huge problem can be dealt with, head-on! Let’s all do our bit to make this situation better. Cuckoo water purifiers are here to help curb the water woes and give you the cleanest,mild alkaline water ,rich in minerals.