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Anyone can sell a water purifier. Trust only an Expert

Anyone can sell a water purifier. It takes an expert to check the water quality and prescribe the  best water filter.

Input water quality needs to be checked before deciding the type of water purifier that needs to be installed at your place.

We at are a passionate team of Professionals and Engineers with a combined expertise of over 25+ years in the industry who are in the mission of bringing sustainable solutions in life essential product category in our region for our esteemed customers. With our expertise, experience and passion we ensure customer satisfaction at every touch point, making the experience of owning our product and services seamless.

Since its launch, we have become a very popular choice in UAE when it comes to water filter for home & office space. The products we offer meets strict international quality standards and are sold in more than 32 countries globally. As COVID-19 becomes a matter of global concern, we’re taking all proactive measures to help minimize the spread of corona virus. Our focus has and always will be the safety and wellbeing of our consumers, employees and technicians.

Why RO (Reverse osmosis) water purifiers should not be Installed in DEWA water connections where the water is already treated using the best technology & TDS is within permissible limits ?

Before we explain more about the water wastage and adverse effects of RO technology at lower TDS levels, let us understand the term TDS in detail.

TDS is a commonly heard term, but people are often confused about its meaning and significance. So, what exactly is TDS or Total Dissolved Solids? TDS means concentration of dissolved particles or solids in water. TDS comprises of inorganic salts such as calcium, magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, bicarbonates, etc, along with many more inorganic compounds that easily dissolve in TDS is not a count of impurities in water it indicates the concentration of dissolved particles or solids in water which also includes the useful minerals required for our body.

Consumable Level:

WHO states that an acceptable range for the TDS level of water should be up to 500 parts per million (ppm) for it to be suitable for human consumption. Water with TDS level higher than 500 ppm may not be palatable as it can taste salty and may contain a high concentration of minerals like sodium, potassium and other salts in it.

How Much Water Does Reverse Osmosis Waste? 

Reverse osmosis is a popular type of water filtration. However conventional RO systems can send 3-25 gallons of water to drain (“wasted”) per 1 gallon of RO water produced !! ( ~ 75% water wastage !!) .
RO is recommended if the Input Tap water TDS is > 500 ppm. Many of the authority’s world wide have started restricting RO purifier installations in < 500 ppm input water TDS.

What is the solution available for consumers in UAE?

Switch to a Cuckoo’s Nano Positive filtration if your Input TDS is < 500 ppm . Cuckoo Water Purifiers are capable of producing safe drinking water that meets the standards set by the World Health Organization.

Super slim design and stylish, Korea’s top-rated eco-friendly water purifier with Zero Water Wastage. More than 2 million Families are already saving water with Cuckoo Water Purifiers in 32 Countries !

State-of-the-art filtration system removes harmful bacteria and viruses from the water. Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Removes harmful substances, especially heavy metals, algae, fungi, etc., while preserving the good minerals.

How does Nano positive filter work ?

As an electropositive charged porous water treatment filter, This is a special advanced filter that maximizes the removal efficiency of the filter by adding an electrochemical mechanism (electrostatic force) without depending on the physical mechanism (pore size) of the filter

Electrostatic force is applied to selectively adsorb and remove various bacteria, fine particles, heavy metals, viruses to provide beneficial water

This filter can be confirmed that it is coated with positively charged polymer resin on the surface of the fiber material filter media (PET), and it has an excellent effect to remove micro colloid material with anion in water and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
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