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Nano Positive filter

Nano positive filter in Cuckoo water purifier removes harmful substances especially virus, metals, algae while preserving the good minerals in the water and Zero water wastage.

Direct Flow

With Direct Flow feature you can always get access to clean water. Customer do not have to worry about water being contaminated in the tank. Water purifier with zero water wastage and zero risk of contamination

Carbon Filter Mineral Water

Coconut-based Natural carbon filter made from coconut fruit gives a distinctive delicious and Natural fresh water taste.Cuckoo’s Exclusively patented Natural 2.0 Filter in the water purifier not only removes harmful substances but also provide mineral to water at the same time, which makes mild Alkaline water & taste plentiful.

It's time to own a Cuckoo water purifier !

Cuckoo Drink Pure is a tankless direct water purifier that features a super slim and space-saving design. And advanced 5 Stage Nano Positive Filtration Technology.

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